The WSOA board of directors met with a professional facilitator recently to define your organizations goals for the next 5 years.  Almost all of us are members of the AAOS,  and the BOC and the State Committee actually affirm that our State Societies are important to our profession.  We function as bell weathers for legislative activity and have an ability to be responsive to state issues that are important to our professional success. We intend to be meaningful to orthopedists in the state by being advocates for important causes such as balanced billing, scope of practice conflicts, regulatory issues such as the HTA and Bree Collaborative, and Insurance Commission conflicts.

We want to be a resource for educational needs of practicing orthopedists to manage their clinical and business practices.

The WSOA is committed to supporting resident education through academic grants and alumni meetings for UW ortho.

We have established a 501-C3 Foundation to aid in this effort.

We need to use current communication technologies that are acceptable to members. whose time and attentions are limited and more concerned with their own personal and business needs than the WSOA.

As always, please contact me by phone 360-531-0902 or email if you have any concerns, ideas, or issues for which you believe that the WSOA should be attentive .

Alan Greenwald MD

President’s Message – August 2016
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