The 2016 WSMA Leadership Development Conference was a fantastic experience.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  The half-day session on trends in healthcare was a phenomenal opportunity to help me understand the future directions of the U.S. healthcare economy.  The large lecture sessions as well as the smaller break out session gave me new knowledge and practical skills that I can take back to my current practice environment and implement immediately.  In addition, the networking opportunity was exceptional as I was able to meet and get to know individuals from around the state in many different specialties and practice models.  This definitely improved my perspective on the breadth of healthcare issues and trends in Washington State.  Finally, the conference was a great motivator for me to become more involved in the WSMA and WSOA.  Thank you again for the opportunity to attend this conference.

Conner Kleweno
WSOA Board Member

WSMA Leadership Development Conference

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