Foundation Mission and Vision

The Washington State Orthopaedic Foundation (WSOF) was created in 2013. The WSOF is one operating component of WSOA, and the Board of Directors of the Washington State Orthopaedic Association comprises the membership of the WSOF. The Board of Directors of the WSOF is elected by its members at the annual meeting.

Vision Statement of the Washington State Orthopaedic Foundation (WSOF)

To make Washington the best place to practice and to receive orthopaedic care.

Mission Statement

To promote the advancement of musculoskeletal science and treatment of disease. We are also interested in the efficiency and quality of care.

The WSOF was created:

To collect donations, tax free, to distribute for education and research that would benefit the patient with musculoskeletal problems in Washington State. We think that this effort will result in new efforts to promote patient safety and evidenced based care.

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WSOF Bylaws

Tax ID #: 46-4757167